Even if we’re secretly Martians.

If you defend nazis and their right to incite violence and terror you are not my friend. If you defend the so called alt right and the kkk and say not all x or all lives matter you are not my friend.

You are not the friend of my family, of my friends, of my neighbours and coworkers and acquaintances. We deserve to live in safety. To feel safe walking down the street or in the checkout line. It doesn’t matter the colour of our skin, sexual orientation, religion or lack thereof, gender identity, or if we’re secretly Martians or purple people eaters.

Just don’t be a gods damned nazi. There is no good excuse for fascism.

As someone much smarter than I said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

The violence that occurred today is unfortunately nothing new. But it is still horrific and it isn’t going to go away with apologism and excuses and pandering.

And if you’re not my friend. If you don’t value our safety and our lives and our liberty. You can show yourselves the door.

This was originally posted on Facebook, but I feel that it is important to post here as well. Facebook is a frequently ephemeral medium outside of my control and this is important. Fuck nazis.

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Even if we’re secretly Martians.